Pyramids, amulets & handheld negative ion generators that utilize radionics, tensor rings and Orgone energy to transmute harmful dead/chaotic/stagnant energy produced by EMF radiation into life force energy. These devices assist with deep REM sleep, lucid dreamscapes, peace of mind, calmness, water structuring, accelerated plant growth & consciousness activation.

Watch this video (link below) if you are new to this technology!

Watch this video (link below) to grasp the concepts of Orgone Energy & it’s history

Orgone Energy is LIFE FORCE energy & orgonite produces it! History of orgone and context of these devices👇🏽

Speaking at the Spring Equinox Health/Music/Art Festival on 4/9/22

A chat with Carol Croft! Her addition of Quartz to Orgonite™️ revolutionized these into Orgone Energy Devices

Orgonite and etheric detoxification- bringing to the surface that which needs healing & transmuting

A look at the “Succor Punch” in all Pulsed Devices

Watch this video for how & why to gift cell towers, aka “TOWERBUSTING”

Watch this video in entirety to fully comprehend the big picture, history & truth behind Orgonite™️ & who the bitter deceivers are on Instagram 👆🏽

A 1977 Study on Millimeter Waves provides evidence that 5G is unsafe & causes biological harm

Watch this video to see EMF & Ion readings on neighbor’s (un) Smart Meter, then we add a Smart Meter Protector 👆🏽

Watch this video to see how the crystals/gems/minerals are thoroughly cleansed, charged & programmed with healing/positive tones/frequencies/affirmations 👇🏽

Watch this video (link below) if you are unfamiliar with how Chembusting works!

After clicking HERE & watching this video, go to the “Chembusters/Mini-Chembusters” collection!

Watch this video (link below) to see the effect just a couple small freebie towerbusters have on frozen water!

Watch this video (link below) to better innerstand the connections between 5g, technocracy, artificial intelligence, trans-humanism & total control & Orwellian surveillance!

Watch this video to innerstand the 5g rollout on a local level that relies on deception & ignorance!

Orgone Vortex! 🌀