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Pranic healing capacitors/transistors to assist with deep sleep, lucid dreams, negative ionization, consciousness activation, water structuring, plant growth & transmutation of harmful EMF/EMR frequencies

Watch this video (link below) if you are new to this technology!


Watch this video (link below) to grasp the concepts of Orgone Energy & it’s history


A look at the “Succor Punch” in all Pulsed Devices


Latest Shop Update! Adding 8 Sided Cheops pyramids to Family Packs, Hulda Clarke Zappers with longer cords to the Largest Pulsed Pyramids, and some new stones and atomized metals!


Latest IG LIVE with fellow crafter & friend Brandon of Alchemical Artisan


A chat with Carol Croft! Her addition of Quartz to Orgonite™️ revolutionized these into Orgone Energy Devices


Watch this video in entirety to fully comprehend the big picture, history & truth behind Orgonite™️ & who the bitter deceivers are on Instagram 👆🏽


Watch this video to see EMF & Ion readings on neighbor’s (un) Smart Meter, then we add a Smart Meter Protector 👆🏽


Water Freezer Test with a Dream Machine 👆🏽🛌✨


Watch this video to see a Water Freezer Test & extended Negative Ion Readings from multiple devices, including the Medicine Wheel Charging Plate & Personal Power Pack! 👆🏽🐝


Watch this video to see Negative Ion Readings from a Mini-Chembuster! 👆🏽🐝


Watch this video to see how the crystals/gems/minerals are thoroughly cleansed, charged & programmed with healing/positive tones/frequencies/affirmations 👇🏽


Watch this video (link below) if you are unfamiliar with how the pulsed devices work.

After clicking this & watching, go to the “Pulsed Pyramids (Radionics)” Collection

Watch this video (link below) if you are unfamiliar with how Chembusting works!

After clicking HERE & watching this video, go to the “Chembusters/Mini-Chembusters” collection!

Watch this video (link below) to see the effect just a couple small freebie towerbusters have on frozen water!


Watch this video (link below) to see that it’s not simply copper producing the vortex🌪 and defined stalactites✨ in water samples- it’s the orgone devices!


Latest Orgone Energy Plant Growth Test


Watch this video (link below) to better innerstand the connections between 5g, technocracy, artificial intelligence, trans-humanism & total control & Orwellian surveillance!


Watch this video to innerstand the 5g rollout on a local level that relies on deception & ignorance!


Orgone Vortex! 🌀