Radionics & Tensor Ring Orgone - Protection from high frequency (5G/6G) EMFs

Pyramids, amulets & handheld negative ion generators that utilize radionics, tensor rings and Orgone energy to transmute harmful dead/chaotic/stagnant energy produced by EMF radiation into life force energy. These devices assist with deep REM sleep, lucid dreamscapes, peace of mind, calmness, water structuring, accelerated plant growth & consciousness activation.

Watch this video (link below) if you are new to this technology!

The Suppression of Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy

Succor Punches and Radionics Orgone explained (commentary by Don Croft)

A brief history of Orgone Energy & Wilhelm Reich

Speaking at the Spring Equinox Health/Music/Art Festival on 4/9/22

A chat with Carol Croft! Her addition of Quartz to Orgonite™️ revolutionized these into Orgone Energy Devices

Orgonite and etheric detoxification- bringing to the surface that which needs healing & transmuting

A look at the “Succor Punch” in all Pulsed Devices

Watch this video for how & why to gift cell towers, aka “TOWERBUSTING”

Watch this video in entirety to fully comprehend the big picture, history & truth behind Orgonite™️ & who the bitter deceivers are on Instagram 👆🏽

A 1977 Study on Millimeter Waves provides evidence that 5G is unsafe & causes biological harm

Watch this video to see EMF & Ion readings on neighbor’s (un) Smart Meter, then we add a Smart Meter Protector 👆🏽

Watch this video to see how the crystals/gems/minerals are thoroughly cleansed, charged & programmed with healing/positive tones/frequencies/affirmations 👇🏽

Watch this video (link below) to see the effect just a couple small freebie towerbusters have on frozen water!

Watch this video (link below) to better innerstand the connections between 5g, technocracy, artificial intelligence, trans-humanism & total control & Orwellian surveillance!

Watch this video to innerstand the 5g rollout on a local level that relies on deception & ignorance!

Orgone Vortex! 🌀