5G Protection ⚡️ Radionics Orgone

These are the most potent devices in the shop.

Don (& Carol) Croft was the originator & creator of the Möbius Coil wrap, as well as the “Succor Punch” that is utilized in these radionics devices,.

15Hz (or 30,000 Hz in the larger pyramids) of subtle electricity is pulsed into a möbius coil-wrapped Lemurian seed Quartz (aka a “Succor Punch”) when turned on.

One 9V battery included.

*If you have a pulsed device, I recommend grabbing one of these items so you can keep recharging your 9V batteries:

“Keenstone 9V 800mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 3-Slot Charger TENS Smoke Detector Multimeter Alarm System etc(3-Pack)”


The specific healing frequency of 15 Hertz is said to have an effect of cleansing the chakra systems. 

The 15 Hz frequency gently stimulates the orgone matrix, making these optimal devices for protection from higher EMFs.

If you live or work directly near a 5g installation, the stringer pulse of 30,000 Hz is recommended. The Russians have this. The smaller devices can use 30k too upon request. 


The “vacuum scalar field” created by the Mobius Coil wrap (wires wrapped in opposing directions) around the Crystal is said to enhance intention & manifestation potentials.


A fellow creator of these technologies has this to say:

”These are extremely powerful devices that channel your intentions through this and other dimensions such that your influence occurs everywhere at once! It’s best to carry a Succor Punch on your person when using it to cloak. To program it simply turn it on, place your dominant hand over the crystal and say out loud your intentions. Your declaration is being applied to a scalar wave that is powerful, yet has no programming, no pattern, like white noise. Your intentions impart onto that wave and radiate out, everywhere.

Don Croft said the Powerwand was originally designed to deal with predators but it’s proved to be so much more.





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