5G Protection -Radionics & Tensor Rings⚡️💫

The additions of a subtle electrical current and tensor technology to the already powerful Orgone matrix makes this collection the most potent in the shop. 
If you want “next level” Orgonite and protection from the higher frequencies of 5G, this is it.
Almost all of these pyramids are also found in the “Combo Packages (discounted)” collection with a variety of other devices for gridding the home at heavily (up to $350) discounted prices.

The specific healing frequency of 15 Hertz is said to have an effect of cleansing the chakra systems.  The 15 Hz frequency also gently excites, stimulates & amplifies the orgone matrix, making these optimal devices for protection from the higher frequency EMFs in the 5G spectrum. Wilhelm Reich found that (subtle) electromagnetism stimulated & enhanced the energy in his Orgone Accumulators. 

If you live or work directly near a 5g installation, the stronger pulse of 30,000 Hz (square wave cycles per second) is recommended. The 15 Hz Dream Machine Equalizers can go under the bed when sleeping and the 30k Hz Russian Pyramids can be the foundational pyramid in your living room. The 30k Hz and 15 Hz compliment each other extremely well and offer protection for the wide range of 5G frequencies (24-90 Ghz). 

• The “vacuum scalar field” created by the Mobius Coil wrap (wires wrapped in opposing directions) around the Crystal is said to enhance intention & manifestation potentials.

A fellow creator of these technologies has this to say: “These are extremely powerful devices that channel your intentions through this and other dimensions such that your influence occurs everywhere at once! It’s best to carry a Succor Punch on your person when using it to cloak. To program it simply turn it on, place your dominant hand over the crystal and say out loud your intentions. Your declaration is being applied to a scalar wave that is powerful, yet has no programming, no pattern, like white noise. Your intentions impart onto that wave and radiate out, everywhere. Don Croft said the Powerwand was originally designed to deal with predators but it’s proved to be so much more.”

Tensor technology within the orgone matrix: 

What are Tensor Rings? 
We utilize the “Creation cubit” ☀️ It's frequency is just below the Sacred cubit at 137mHz. 
Tensor rings are copper, and when copper is heated to create a wire, the crystalline structure within the wire creates a one-way flow of energy. When a wire is folded and twisted and the ends rejoin themselves, it creates a flow of energy both ways. Now you have a powerful superconductor piezoelectric antennae. Cut the wire to a sacred geometrical length and now you have a tool for transmuting harmful EMF energy and relieving the physical and energetic body of pain and blocksTensor rings act as a room-temperature superconductor. They tap into an infinite field of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic.
Slim Spurling "rediscovered" Tensor Rings in 1991. Slim used tensor rings for energizing water, healing, environmental cleanup, releasing and redirecting geopathic stress, and changing weather patterns. 

Now we are utilizing this amazing technology in the orgone matrix to further facilitate & enhance etheric healing & protection from harmful frequencies.

Tensor Rings utilizing the “Creation cubit” courtesy of @BasedTruther on IG💫 


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