Shop Announcements!


Black hemp rope is not available at the moment, so all black cord amulet requests will be corded with gray hemp.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

My package of black hemp got lost by USPS, & my supplier is all out. 

If you have any preferences beside gray, please email me immediately, otherwise gray will be the color. It’s still a nice clean color that goes with a lot of other colors.






The “Infuser Equalizer” Steel Towerbuster is listed in the “Radionics Orgone” collection! 

Best device the shop offers for mobile, personal 5G protection. 

A pulsed radionics version of the “Infuser” that’s listed in the “Unique Handhelds” collection.

Two are available now and inventory will be constantly updated, so stay tuned. This is a device you want with you if you live in the city or you have to work around 5G small cell antennas! 










These two crystals above are among some of the new elements added to all devices now:

Atomized Bronze, Atomized Stainless Steel, Atomized Nickel Silver, Atomized Brass, Purple Mica (Lithium rich), Petalite (Crown Chakra activator), Lemon Quartz, Atlantean Lovestar Quartz, Lotus Jasper, Amazonite, Blue Apatite, Grey Agate, Watermelon Quartz, Labradorite, Cliniozoisite, Thulite, Ethiopian Opal, Pietersite, Fluorite, Howlite, Rhodonite, & Sugulite.

⚡️💎 🌀


 *Please read this message below👇🏽from 5/29 if you’re curious about your order. You can also email me at if you have further questions.




I am a one man shop. I can only go so fast to keep up with the increased demand. I have an assistant to help with packing & I have ordered a bunch of new molds.

I apologize, but orders are taking anywhere from 3-7 weeks on average to ship out now. Sometimes small orders can get out sooner.

I provide a lot of freebie devices (especially to repeat buyers, who make up most of my customers), of which inventory constantly need to be replenished. This requires time. All batches are delicate and time consuming & have prep work, construction, & post work. 

Packing these delicate items so they get to you in one piece is laborious & time consuming, as well. 

I have not forgotten about your order! Feel free to email me asking about status, but I will tell you that I can only go so fast, and there is a process to create these that is time consuming.

For that I apologize. If you need a device quick & fast, please feel free to shop from, eBay or amazon. These items do not have a process & most do not have many elements. 

What you can do while you’re waiting on your order: 

1. Get radiation absorbing houseplants: stone lotus, spider plant, snake plant, cactus & a “Z” plant. 

2. Get “Fennel Oil” and an oil infuser. We also use peppermint, lavender, bergamot, wild orange, juniper berry, cinnamon bark & Boswellia. 

3. Unplug your WiFi at night & turn off all phones & electronics when sleeping. Get an Ethernet cable &/or adaptor & go wired if possible. 

4. Find an online shop that sells Tourmaline, Quartz & Elite Shungite. My friend Adam @enchantedcrystal sells single item stones & is a great person with ethically sourced stones/crystals. Place these near your electronics at all times. 

These are some things that will help with radiation & better sleep & are a great compliment to the orgone devices when they do arrive. 

Hang in there. 

Inventory is getting depleted very quickly these days, & most devices are made to order.

Apologies in advance! Your patience is very appreciated. 🙏🏽

Our pulsed radionics orgone units will have a new look moving forward- we are going to utilize the Hulda Clarke style in addition to the purple box. Same functionality, just a different style. The Hulda models are better for bigger pyramids, as they have a longer lead (cord). They do not have an off switch though, so when the battery is attached, the unit will be on until the battery runs out. 

It’s recommended to get this product or one similar to keep recharging the batteries so your pulsed device can constantly be on and pulsing the subtle 15 Hz healing current:

Keenstone 9V 800mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 3-Slot Charger TENS Smoke Detector Multimeter Alarm System etc(3-Pack)



April was a crazy month! A surge in orders & delays with supplies means orders are taking longer to ship.

The good news is we are adding more amazing crystals, minerals, gemstones, metals, salts & ORMES elixirs (that we’ll document soon), & continuing to focus on PROCESS to ensure max functionality. 

Please have patience with the shop. There is a specific process to these devices that I rely on to maintain integrity & functionality. I cannot really “teach” my style to someone else. It’s unique, and I know it ensures that your wait will be worth it!

You will get powerful functional devices with me, even if some devices have some aesthetic imperfections. 

10% off sale on all items in the shop still in effect, no code needed! 🌞♋️

Much love everyone! The Great Awakening is in process! 










Two new listings in the Discounted Combo Packages collection:

The “5G Family Pack” ($250 savings), and the “Tree of Life Amulet Pack”, which includes 8 Tree of Life amulets at $189 in savings.

Free shipping on all orders $199+!




Absolutely Twilight-Zone insane times we’re living in! Be sure to breathe, relax, center, hydrate & eat lots of electric, alkalizing fruit! 

New listing in the Chembuster collection. 

The 16 lb “Tactical Russian Chembuster” is here!

These are only offered to local buyers for pickup in Northern California. Great for grow operations and farms. Email me if interested:







On pyramid, combo pack & custom orders, please be prepared to wait 3-4 weeks for your order, due to high demand. The shop is working as hard as possible to complete orders as quickly as possible, without compromising any creative, aesthetic or functional integrity. 

Thx in advance for your patience! 


3 new listings of “Mini-Tacticals” are under the “Tower Busters” collection. These are more affordable devices for gifting cell towers & 5G small cells-something we ALL need to be doing!

Keep the normal sized Tacticals for your yard & use these to transmute the harmful frequencies at cell sites in your town!

15% off sale on ALL items, no minimum order required, is still LIVE!

Use code “PISCES” at checkout. ♓️






• EMF Shielding Baby Wrap & Beanie is listed! Marked down 15% off, no code needed!

• New combo package of 4 oz. Auro Liquid Gold & Prana Pro Unisex Silver EMF Shielding Shirt is now listed @15% off in the “EMF Shielding Clothing” collection.



• Both the “Dream Machine” & “Jumbo Dream Machine” are currently marked down $25, no discount code needed! 

• “Heart of Gaia” amulets also marked $25 down through 2/14!

• “Prana Pro” 100% Pure Silver EMF Shielding Clothing/Shirts are ALSO now marked down $25 to $142! 









The Discounted Combo Packs now have more options for your amulet! 

Now you can choose between the Medium Luna, Mini Giza, Large Luna, Small Luna, Moai, Equilateral, Aum, Tutankhamun, & Cannabis Leaf:






“Prana Pro” EMF Protection shirts on deck! 




From now on, ALL domestic orders $199 and up receive FREE shipping!










Adding Topaz Crystals now to all pyramids Jumbo sized and up, Pulsed, non-Pulsed & Mini-Chembuster size! 

• Jumbos

• Nubians 

• Sleek Nubians

• XL Jumbos

• Pentacle 

• XXL Jumbos

• Chembusters

• Russian Equalizers


New pyramids and Family Pack to introduce, stay tuned! 




Addition to the Family Pack at no cost! 

• 1 Amulet (Aura Protection) of your choice between the Crescent Luna, Aum, Moai, Cannabis Leaf, Mini-Giza, & Tutankhamun:


The Family Pack now provides between $75-$100 savings (depending on which amulet you choose) by buying the Family Pack compared to purchasing the individual items.
It also comes with 3 freebies if a first time buyer and 6 freebies for a repeat buyer. 




The “Russian Equalizer” is listed! The most potent device in the shop & one made for some serious chembusting. 

One in stock currently. Check out its size at nearly 3 feet tall next to a Nubian Chakra Mini Chembuster:

The non-Pulsed version of this device is due to be constructed soon & will be the new version of “The Chembuster”.



New additions to the shop include The “Chakra Calf” 🐘 listing, Sapphires, Tektite, and Laser Quartz with Serephenite!

Also pictured is our six/sided, 6’6” tall Sound Accumulator Chamber that we’ve been using to cure the devices this winter.

Here is where we structure & program the devices with sound healing frequencies after their first & second coat of resin.

See the “What’s in our Devices” page for more info. 

Sapphires will go in all devices.

Tektites will go in pyramid sizes Large & up, including Medicine Wheels & Dream Machines. 

• The “XL Medicine Wheel Charging Plate (pulsed)” is listed! 

• New version of The Chembuster coming soon! 

• The “Medium Ankh” amulet is here & in stock! 

• Moai 🗿& Mini Giza 🔺amulets are listed!


Most listings are open now! 

Questions? Email:

We can set up a phone conversation if you’d like to discuss any concerns or questions in more depth. 🤙🏽

Protect your auric field first, then your home, then gift your community.

This is orgonizing Earth!








Powerful orgone devices are the solution to EMF. 

The new radionics devices combine the subtle healing/protective effects of Orgone/life force pranic energy with the intention setting/manifestation ability that pulsed scalar wave devices create.

These are powerful spiritual tools!

Combined with our divine ability to create our reality with our thoughts, prayers and intentions, these devices will assist in neutralizing evil and energies void of lifeforce, so we can manifest the wonderful peaceful world we all know is possible!



Much love & Let's Orgonize Earth!