Handling & Utilizing Your New Devices

Tips on how to preserve & utilize these devices to ensure they stay with you & functional for life:

• *Please* be careful not to drop these devices on a hard surface, as they are heavy & will chip if not treated with care.

• Keep the devices inside at moderate room temperature in indirect sunlight as much as possible.

• For the pyramids, Dream Machines and all 15 Hz (blue blinking light) radionics devices: On the floor & under beds when sleeping are great places.

• For the larger Russians and radionics devices pulsing 30k Hz (red light), in your living room on the floor is the best spot.
Coffee tables and nightstands are ok too, but I prefer all my pyramids to go on the floor and are better spots. See what resonates with your home space. The accumulator field (base) is better able to take in chaotic/harmful frequencies when on the ground in my opinion based off my observations and testimonials.

• You can take them outside to cleanse them under the sun's rays however much you see fit. You can also charge them under the moon as much as you'd like at night. I think once a month for both is sufficient. On bright days & full moons. 
• Another cleansing technique is to place the device in a bowl of distilled water & Sea or Himalayan Salt, then place the bowl in the Sun and/or under the Moon for a couple hours. Never leave them out in extreme heat.

• NEVER MOON-CHARGE WHEN IT'S TOO COLD! The large pyramids especially can potentially crack during cold nights if you leave them out all night. Smaller devices are usually ok. A crack does not mean your device is doomed, as it will still function, but it won’t be as aesthetically pleasing.  

• Shuffle your devices from room to room in your house, so they continue to keep your whole space energetically protected. Grid the smaller devices so every corner of the house & yard provides a protective barrier. 

• Place under your bed for lucid dreaming, & near wireless electronics to neutralize & restructure their negative & chaotic energy.

• If you have a pulsed device, plug the battery in as much as you’d like. Get one of these if you’d like to leave plugged in to a wall outlet:

“9v battery eliminator (9V DC adaptor & battery eliminator” 

Or one of these to constantly re-use rechargeable batteries: “9V rechargeable battery charger pack, LP 4-pack 600mAh 9 Volt Li-Ion batteries & 4-Bay Battery Charger”

• Disclaimer:

These are HANDMADE ITEMS, so they will have small blemishes & bubbles from curing sometimes. Please do not expect perfection because you will be disappointed! Every device cures uniquely. These are functional devices primarily to aid in energetic protection for you. If you want pristine, handmade UNfunctional jewelry, you have come to the wrong place. :)

• I charge all the crystals in your generators under the sun, in a bucket full of distilled Shungite infused water & about 20 small orgone devices (like the freebies you received). 

• So, the crystals are charged beforehand with orgone energy, the divine seven rays of our sun & various healing frequencies (528Hz/432Hz) before they go into your device. 

• When curing in the Sound Accumulator Box, I play different sound healing frequencies: 

Tibetan Singing Bowls, Binaural Beats & Native American Flute/Drums. Solfeggio frequencies used to program the devices include: • 528 Hz - Energy, clarity, awareness, inner peace • 417 Hz- Clear negativity & improve your life • 174 Hz- Anesthetic for pain reduction • 285 Hz- Rejuvenate & energize your body • 396 Hz- Achieve goals & free your mind • 639 Hz- Enhance self esteem & relationships •

• Pyramid Power frequencies include: • Fibonacci Sound (8 Hz- basically the Schumann Resonance) • Chakra Cleansing (15 Hz) 🧘‍♂️ • High Gamma Brainwave (101 Hz) 🧠 • Deep Relaxation (243 Hz) 🥰 • Neural Oscillation (40 Hz) • DNA 🧬 repair (432 Hz) • Schumann Resonance = 7.83 Hz 

• Your devices were made with peaceful, healing & loving intent. I am confident you will feel the positive effects (restful sleep, lucid dreams, peace of mind, calmness) with these devices around you. 🙏🏽