What is Orgone Energy & what are Orgone Energy devices?


Orgonite devices are etheric energy filters.
Using a 1:1 ratio of organic & inorganic elements, they become energy “accumulators” that harness the surrounding ether, and through the utilization of potent and piezoelectric Quartz crystals, minerals, gemstones and superconductors, they transmute any negative/dead/polluted energy.  
The converted energy that’s repelled out through the utilization of copper and other metals is called “Orgone” (aka “life force”).

I refer to these devices as:
Pranic healing capacitors/transistors that assist with deep sleep, lucid dreams, calmness, negative ionization, water structuring, accelerated plant growth, consciousness activation & transmutation of negative frequencies.
The easiest way I can explain what these devices do is to first conceptualize Wilhelm Reich's “Orgone Accumulator”.  
It was a small phone booth sized box layered with inorganic and organic elements that accumulated the surrounding etheric energy, which could either be positive and full of life force or negative and full of dead/stagnant energy. I built one and it’s where my Orgone devices cure to healing sound frequencies:
He termed the positive life force energy “orgone” because he was studying the “orgasm“ at the time. 
His cancer patients experienced improved vitality and health after sitting in these boxes for minimal periods of time. 
If he would have set up one of these accumulators (ORACs) near a cell tower or smart meter, it would accumulate the dead energy (DOR) and that energy would need to be transformed somehow. 
Enter orgonite aka orgone energy devices. 
We are using the same concepts that Reich used- the 1:1 inorganic to organic ratio to draw in the surrounding ether- but adding quartz, gemstones, minerals & #ORMES superconductors to transform and convert any energy that is DOR (dead orgone) into positive orgone (OR).
We are utilizing the piezoelectric effect of the crystals and the conductivity and “Casimir effect” of all the plethora of metals (atomized and filings) and salts to create a charge that powers these devices 24/7 and allows them to constantly pull in the surrounding energy and transmute any dead energy into positive life force energy.
Reich found that organic components draw in energy while inorganic components draw in and also rapidly repel, so all the conductive metals including the coiled copper are what actively repel out the transformed energy.
This means they are self-functioning and will allow you to be around any EMF source but not be as affected by the dead energy they are giving off.
The result being calmness, deep REM sleep, amazing lucid dreamscapes, increased energy and vitality, accelerated plant growth, the ability to charge and structure water, and I even say consciousness activation because the wisdom of the quartz crystals is being amplified and broadcast (especially w/ the radionics devices) through the piezoelectric effect (the constant pressure on the quartz and other minerals). 
If you are new to these devices and/or unsure where to place your new devices, give the first few videos on the front page of the shop a watch.

Email me if you have any additional questions or custom requests. 

Read below for more in depth knowledge on orgone energy and it’s concepts:

What is Orgone Energy?

Chi, Ki, Prana, Life Force, Ether.

These are all different terms for the very same thing.

"Orgone" Energy is another term for the same energy- coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian scientist/psychoanalyst and contemporary of Sigmund Freud.

Reich was studying the human orgasm at the time and he coined the term “Orgone” after “Orgasm”.

Reich used this term “Orgone” to describe the universal energy that permeates everything and is the source of all life.

Reich detected this energy using a modified Geiger counter, and he observed this energy as being omnipresent and the basis of all life processes. 

He observed that when the flow of this Orgone Energy is blocked in a person, this leads to muscular tension and disease.

Orgone Energy was originally observed by Reich as a bio-electrical charge whose flow within the body could be visibly seen as waves passing through his clinical patients as they were experiencing intense emotional breakthroughs.

Later, in the 1930s, to confirm his visual observations, Reich was able to objectively measure the movements of this energy by using a very sensitive millivolt meter with sensors attached to the body to record subtle bio-electric charge.

He found the energy flowed from the inside body core to the outside surface (towards the world) when a person felt pleasure or expansion; and conversely, it flowed from the surface to the interior (away from the world) during states of anxiety, fear, and contraction

Similarly, he described the world’s deserts as lacking a flow of lively, vibrant Orgone Energy. He called this “negative” manifestation of Orgone Energy “DOR”, or Dead Orgone

Whenever the atmosphere feels stale, oppressive, dark, polluted, and when you observe a particular blackness in cloud formations, you are in fact experiencing a high and unhealthy DOR concentration.

Chemical cloud formations from geoengineering aerosol sprays also contain high amounts of DOR. These are void of life force energy.

DOR is also attracted to EMF, so wherever there's EMF, there is DOR. 

This is the world we find ourselves in- permeated & saturated with EMF and DOR. 

Reich successfully experimented with Orgone Accumulators to help heal ailments in his patients (cancer patients too), as he observed cancer to be a biopathy resulting from the blocked life energy in a highly DOR infested body.

He observed that the accumulation of Orgone Energy was stimulated by a layered combination of organic and metallic material.

Reich found that certain non-metallic materials (wool, cotton, fiberglass, some plastics) attracted and held orgone energy; and metal attracted and then rapidly repelled it.

By designing an enclosure, similar to the Faraday cage, lined on the inside with metal and made with alternating layers of metallic and non-metallic, di-electric, energy-attracting materials, he discovered that atmospheric orgone energy was accumulated and concentrated inside.

He called this device an Orgone Accumulator, or “OR-AC”.

Within the box-like enclosure, the orgone energy given off by an inside metal wall is attracted to the opposite metal wall which again repels it. This creates an oscillation of the orgone energy particles inside.

Reich also developed the first “Cloud-buster”, a device consisting of metal pipes connected to an Orgone Accumulator which would draw in the DOR (dead orgone) and ground it into a large body of water – he aimed to use this Cloudbuster to revitalize deserts and arid areas in the US, where he lived for many years.

Through many years of careful, experimental research, Reich was able to define the basic properties of orgone energy: 

* it fills all space and is everywhere.

* it's mass free and is the primordial, cosmic energy.

* it penetrates matter, but at different speeds.

* it pulsates and is observable and measurable.

* it has a strong affinity and attraction to/by water.

* it is accumulated naturally in the living organism by ingesting foods, breathing, and through the skin.

* the mutual attraction and excitation of separate orgonotic systems result in the merging, or superimposition, of the systems; and the emergence of a new system

* orgone energy is negatively entropic: highly charged orgone systems attract lesser charged, which Reich described as the orgonotic potential

* orgone energy is excited by secondary energies such as electromagnetism and nuclear energy. (This is seen in the 15Hz pulsed devices- the subtle electrical current excites the orgone matrix/layers & thus creates a stronger field of life-force. Conversely, in Reich’s “Oranur Experiment”, just a touch of radioactive radium excited the accumulated orgone energy, amplifying DOR & creating a dangerous situation. Reich however, only had an accumulator at this time- he was not using crystals, gemstones, minerals & superconducting ORMES to convert this energy- so it created DOR. This is the main reason why Orgone Devices today are safe & actually protective around very harmful energy & radiation. Their potent elements are able to convert & transmute the deadly energy into life force). 

* when it is concentrated, orgone energy often has a blue-to-violet color. 




What are Orgone Energy Devices? 


Orgone Energy Devices (aka “orgonite”, a trademarked term coined by Karl Welz, who actually didn’t utilize quartz crystals, gemstones or minerals; only epoxy & metal powders) are etheric healing capacitors/transistors that adopted Reich's layering of organic/inorganic elements in his “ORAC”, but Quartz crystals (& gems & minerals are added to the mix.

This addition of Quartz was added by Carol Croft- an intuitive energy healer & wife of the late great orgone gifting pioneer, Don Croft- about eight years after Welz created miniature versions of Reich’s ORACs & termed it “orgonite.”

The addition of Quartz crystals to the Reich (and then Welz) model of layering created the foundation for the devices we know of today as “Orgone Energy Devices.”

These devices produce an effect on the etheric level that transmutes the accumulated negative, stagnant DOR (void of life force) energy into positive life force (Orgone) energy. 

These devices are constructed from hand, and made of resin, metals (in powder and filings form) minerals, gems and quartz.

Orgone Energy Devices harmonize "bio-energy"-another term for Orgone, chi, ki, prana, life-force, ether, etc- by accumulating, converting (by the crystals) & distributing. 

While conducting his research, Dr. Reich found that organic materials attract and hold Orgone energy, while non-organic metals simultaneously attract and repel the energy.

Orgone devices are based on these two principles. It is a 50-50 mix of resin (an organic petrochemical/plant based component), and metal shavings/filings/powders (inorganic).

Resin (polyester, fiberglass or plant-based) is used as the organic component because of its ability to cure, shrink and thus “squeeze” on the crystals, minerals, gems and metals in the Orgonite matrix. 

The quartz crystal added to the mix is the crucial component to these devices. This is because of the crystal’s piezoelectric properties, which means that it gives off a charge when it is put under pressure.

The resin shrinks when it is cured, so constant pressure is put on the quartz crystal, instantly activating its piezoelectric as well as all its other amazing properties of being able to transmute, amplify, transmit, restore, balance, purify, etc. 

The close proximity of the metal powders/filings to each other also produces a charge- this is referred to in physics terms as the “Casimir effect”.

Due to the fact that the elements contained in orgonite are constantly attracting and repelling energy, a “scrubbing” action takes place.

This cleans stagnant and negative energy, and brings it back to a healthy, vibrant state.

Other powerful healing minerals, gems and crystals can be added to enhance the power of these devices, but are not necessary for it to function. 

Orgone devices do not clean up EMFs per se, but rather, they clean up the disorganized dead energy (DOR) produced by it. 

In this way, Orgone Energy devices do their work on the etheric plane rather than the electromagnetic spectrum, so EMF readings will usually not be affected:

“Eleven years of effort by Metascience researchers has established that the energies involved in the different levels of the worlds of spirit are not a part of the electromagnetic spectrum as science presently knows it.”
-From the 121 page study, “Spiricom, An Electromagnetic-Etheric Systems Approach To Communications With Other Levels of Human Consciousness.”

These devices also do not “block” radiation- only a faraday cage can do that. 

Rather than “block”, they accumulate the surrounding ether through the inorganic/organic mixture (accumulator field), transform/convert it via the piezoelectric crystals/gems/minerals (transmutation field), then repel & distribute life force out into the surrounding environment (distributor field). This is the layering aspect you’ll see with pyramids and even amulets.

This continuous “scrubbing" effect produces an ambient, soothing, peaceful environment that is a catalyst for reiki work, meditation, deep REM sleep, lucid dreams, and a healthy, calming state that is crucial for our evolution into higher levels of consciousness. 



The below pictures are from multiple tests done freezing water overnight with Orgone devices underneath or on top of the water sample, compared to the next night with a control sample with no Orgone device.

Water- a great conductor of life/light force energy- is an excellent way to observe the presence of ether/orgone/prana. 






Watch the latest water freezer test done on 8/7/19 here:




Here are the corresponding pictures from this test:



In every sample with orgonite present, we can observe an orgone vortex & stalactite/stalagmite formations that clearly contrast the control sample & display a greater energetic presence. 

This swirling vortex of life/light-force energy is similar to the vortex captured with Kirlian photography emanating from the top of copper-tipped pyramid structures on the front page. 


The water is structured with Orgone Energy nearby, & seemingly void of any structure or vortex without any devices directly on top or below. 

Could it just be simply the copper in the orgone devices causing the stalactites to appear on the bottom, sides and top? Could it be simply the copper producing the defined vortex🌪 present in the middle of water samples? 

No, as evidenced by these pictures comparing just copper with copper actually inside orgone energy devices:





It is this “structuring” effect that these devices have on DOR (“dead orgone”, or stale energy void of life-force)- and this DOR is produced by & attracted to harmful EMF.

These devices when constructed correctly & powerfully, will restructure, convert, transmute, harmonize & smooth out chaotic deadly energy into life-force energy. 

They do not “block” or “shield” DOR/EMF/radiation, they *convert* & *restructure* the deadly energy on the etheric plane that’s produced by EMF (from cell towers, smart meters, smart phones, wi-fi, wi-gig, wi-max, 5g, 6c, HAARP, Nexrad, Radar, etc). 






Below are some negative ion readings of an XXL Equalizer, XL Equalizer and Nubian Equalizer (pulsed pyramids), a Charging Plate & two Large Gizas (in the Family Pack):






Below is one of our bella palm plant tests we did to study the growth of a plant with an orgone towerbuster underneath one, & a control sample. When I got these two plants together two months prior to this picture, they were exactly the same size.

We see that the orgonized plant is much fuller, taller, & as one of my witnesses to the results of this test (Adam @enchantedcrystal) put it, "The orgonite one is growing upwards while this one is growing out & sloping downward."

It is noticeable that the Orgonized plant is full of more life force "growth" energy. 

They had both been given the same amount of indirect sunlight & water. 

The control sample had some orgone devices in the same room, but not directly under it like the one on the right did. 



Here are a couple videos with a couple orgone artists & I that tell the history & evolution of Orgone Energy Devices as we know them today.

We made these videos to educate, clarify & dispel disinformation being spread by a couple accounts on Instagram for their own monetary gain selling a similar product. The fact is, these devices work & people are experiencing amazing effects!