Private Consultations
Private Consultations
Private Consultations
Private Consultations

Private Consultations

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60 minute private consultations over Zoom, phone, WhatsApp or Telegram to discuss:

* Private Administrative Process templates, advice and guidance.
After signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement, you will get one-time access to word document templates. It’s wise to read and understand the language rather than just entering your information into the templates. We can discuss this in our consultation.

* Ministerial duties include religious exemption guidance & personalized attestation. 

* Diet and lifestyle guidance and knowledge; transitioning to plant-based, workouts, water structuring & purification, intermittent fasting, gardening, etc.

* EMF protection, Orgonite customization and tips for new crafters. 

* Q and A, etc.



These private consultations will be offered to members of The Orgonized Earth Private Membership Association for discounted “recommended donations” once the PMA set-up is complete. 

This is NOT legal advice, and is for entertainment purposes only.


Disclaimer: There are no guarantees that any sort of advice or guidance provided in the consultations will work, or achieve the desired outcome you are seeking; but rather to offer ministerial duties as an ordained minister to help you on your spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional journeys of awakening, healing, and achieving more favorable outcomes for your specific situations. Based on my level of knowledge and understandings of the law, the truth, the facts, and the evidence, it is my intention that you attain more right knowledge, more freedom, better health, more prosperity and more abundance, so we can all achieve more unity as men and women living on the land, under Natural Law- God Almighty’s laws.


In Faith, Honor, Respect, and Love,

Molidor, David-Lawrence: