Negative Ion Readings

Ion readings in the opinion of the shop are simply observations of how the ion tester fluctuates in the presence of Orgone Devices- compared to when not around the devices.

These are not “evidence” or “proof” of life force energy- but we can absolutely observe how the reader shows high negative ions in the presence of the devices. The larger devices seem to show the highest fluctuations.

The reader also shows positive ions, but at this point we are sure we are witnessing the effect of the orgone balancing process -which is accumulating, then converting/structuring, & then distributing/repelling. 

These devices no doubt bring more “balance” to their surrounding environment. This is evidenced by plants growing faster, animals/insects gravitating, water showing structuring, & humans feeling, sleeping & dreaming better.

We don’t have instruments that accurately measure etheric energy. We can simply observe.

The best way to detect Orgone (life force) is in how conductors of life force react when around these devices. Since a $50 ion tester is not a conductor of life force, they are not the best to use when gauging/measuring/detecting Orgone energy. 

Enjoy these videos!