Combo Packages 🔺⚫️📿

Not sure where to start? These listings include savings of up to $350 compared to buying each item individually.  Included: an extremely potent foundational pyramid for the living room plus other devices to grid throughout your home/yard and an amulet for protection on the go.
• For ideal 5G protection, it’s recommended to get a larger radionics/tensor ring device pulsing 30,000 Hz, along with a smaller radionics/tensor ring device pulsing 15 Hz.
5G (a frequency weapon) operates at a range between 24-90 Ghz, so having radionics devices (frequency defense tools) that are able to transmute at various ranges- higher (30k Hz) and lower (15 Hz)- is most effective & provides a great balance.
*Three new listings: “The Big House Combo Pack” ($350 in savings) contains FIVE radionics devices and the “Personal Power Pack” contains TWO.  The Medicine Wheel/Dream Machine” Combo Pack contains THREE radionics and $265 in savings!

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